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Destination Weddings in the Country of Malta

The country of Malta is an archipelago of islands nestled below Sicily. The entire Maltese Republic is quite small. The perfect marriage location and romantic getaway, it is comprised of the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, Filfla, and Cominotto. The largest one is Malta, measuring 17 by 9 miles, and Gozo is the next largest, with a total area of 26 square miles. Getting married on either of these two islands can become a lifelong memory for both of you as you plan and experience your very own Mediterranean wedding.

Malta has some magnificent harbors and resort areas, such as St Paulís Bay, St. Julianís Bay, and St. Georgeís Bay on Malta and the lovely Bay of Xlendi on Gozo. In particular, the sandy beaches and views from the northern coast of the island of Malta have a singular charm, located as they are within the wholesome countryside and its villages. However, they are located within walking distance of the more trendy areas of Sliema and St. Julianís, and only a short driving distance from the capital city of Valletta. Some locations offer not only polychromatic views of the bay, but vistas of the other Maltese islands, as well.

Getting married in Malta provides an array of activities amidst some of the oldest history on earth. For example, Valletta was built by the Knights of the Order of St. John, taking strategic advantage of one of the best harbors. Originally the Hospitalers, these Knights offered protection and medical care to pilgrims going to the Holy Land. Years after leaving the Middle East, they were expelled from Rhodes and wandered for eight years in Europe seeking a home. They were granted the Island of Malta in 1530. The Grand Masterís Palace in Valletta was built in the style of the Italian palazzos and named to honor Jean Parisot de la Valette. Earlier than that, Christianity was introduced by the shipwrecked St. Paul, who was visited there by the gospel writer and physician Luke.

While you are honeymooning here, take in the many archaeological sites the island has to offer, such as the megalithic temples built circa 3200 BC or the Hypogeum, underground burial chambers. Other choices include shopping, golf, strolling through the picturesque town, listening to oral poetry, or attending one of the loud and colorful festas honoring a patron saint.

The people are a surprisingly homogeneous group, and yet their character has been formed by several foreign influences. Maltese is the language spoken by the people, but English and Italian are spoken by some. Perhaps for your wedding ceremony you might purchase some lace products, which are painstakingly hand-woven by the women.

The Mediterranean climate makes it a year-round destination. Summers are long with no rain, and the hottest month is July Winters are moderate with both rain and sunshine, but no snow. Whether you are exploring architecture in the capital city of Valletta in the rain or strolling through the city with its decorative balconies on a sunny day, any weather can add to this tiny nationís charming ambience.

No matter which enchanting location you choose and whichever rich activities you engage in, a wedding in the country of Malta is sure to provide you with a multitude of memories. This country has the perfect combination of Mediterranean scenery, beaches and bays, historical and religious sites, shopping, and other activities to add to your honeymoon plans.